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Cuz over and above all, its just another day, And this one begins where the last one ends, Pick up where we left off and get smashed again, Ill be damned, just fucked around and crashed my Benz, Driving around with a smashed front end, Lets cash that one in, Grab another one from out the stable, The Monte Carlo, El Camino or the El Derado? No, he's insane If you count the skeletons in my closet Under my bed not under my faucet Then you would know I've completely lost it Is he nuts? Dr Dre,Yeah. Accused by his mother of killing his father, renowned artist Joey Feldman turns tragedy into triumph. I smell something in the air that's making me HIGH! Then, she embraced pen and paper.

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After getting sober from a crystal meth addiction at the age of 18, Catherine has been using photography as a tool for transformation.

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Maury Sterling: Petrified of Life, Insane and Cutting

I smell something in the air that's making me HIGH! Look out for the wall Aim for the couch - about to fall I missed the couch and down I go looking like a bouncing ball Shit must of knocked me out, 'cause I didn't feel the ground at all Wow! The Ultimate Programme to End Dieting Though a southern girl at heart, Alyshia has embraced the gorgeous California sun, where she resides with her Mediterranean chef Husband and their cheeky little girl. Same song and dance [Verse 3] My second victim was even bigger than the first Popstar icon, the whole works She played a little school girl, when she first burst upon the scene, and seen that the world was hers She swirls and turns and flirts in skirts so bad it hurts It hurt me and made me mad at first I lashed out in my songs, but what was really going on is that I had developed a crush, I just didn't know how to tell it to her Should I cut off one of my ears and mail it to her? Insane Spoiler [Verse 1] I was born with a dick in my brain, yeah fucked in the head My step father said that I sucked in the bed Til one night he snuck in and said We're going out back, I want my dick sucked in the shed Can't we just play with Teddy Ruxpin instead? I choke and I slash, sliced and gassed Last night was a blast I can't quite remember when I had that Much fun of a half pint of a jack My last spike and a half A flashlight up Kim Kardashian's ass I remember the first time I dismembered a family member December I think it was, I was havin' drinks with my cousin I wrapped him in Christmas lights, pushed him into the stinkin' tub Cut him up into pieces and just when I went to drink his blood I thought I oughta drink his bath water that oughta be fun That's when my days of serial murder manslaughter begun The sight of blood excites me, that might be an artery son Your blood curdiling screams just don't seem to bother me none It's 3 A.

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