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Instead of interviewing two companies regarding the implementation phase of GDPR, making a questionnaire and collecting data from several companies. The main theoretical implications that this thesis has resulted in, involves filling the research gap as well as providing a definition of the phenomenon of influencer marketing in a context of international business. The important process of photosynthesis, to able production of more trees and creation of more forests, tells us the vitality of understanding the tree physiology to the fullest. A positive user experience was identified in both modes, showing that the informants found interacting with Furhat a fun, engaging and interesting experience. The research design of this thesis is an exploratory case study with data collection by the hands of semi-structured interviews.

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Detta innebär att patienter är vakna under operationen vilket kan skapa olika känslor hos patienten samt innebära ett ökat behov av stöd för patienterna.

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Genom att konstruera ett fäste som innehåller något dämpningselement kan man dämpa och fördela dessa krafter. Because the individual has different knowledge and experiences, they will also interpret and apply information differently. In the report it examined what worked well and less well during the project until they reached today. Uppsatsen syfte är att undersöka vilka värderingsmodeller och tillvägagångssätt techbolag, privatinvesterare och private equity bolag använder vid värdering av techbolag. Intensivvårdspatienter behöver ofta intuberas vilketomöjliggör verbal kommunikation med omgivningen.

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